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Job Summary:

We require fitter fabricators for structural metal/steel and plate-work. The candidates must be able to read intricate blueprints and be used to working in a custom fabrication shop. Each component to be fitted is different from the previous. Weldments are large and heavy (100 tons) 

Job Description:

-          Blueprint readings

o   Engineering drawings

o   Fit & erect steel structures ready for welding

o   Mark welding required on each weldment

o   Hold tolerances within 1/16th inch

-          Basics of welding, more

-          Other basic skills in addition to key skills

o   Use of cutting and heating torches

o   Grinding

o   Drilling

o   Taping

o   Sawing

o   Use of an iron worker


* Salary is dependent on experience and capabilities; please include your salary expectations with your resume


*great benefits package and 401K

* There will be occasional overtime to the 40 hour workweek

Address :
1951 Hamburg Turnpike
Lackawanna, NY 14218

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Fax to 888-537-5574 Attn : Human Resources - Linita Design & Mfg. Corp.

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